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Hardware and Industrial Cloth, available in a welded or woven construction, is made of high quality galvanized iron wire and it is sturdy, durable and rust-resistant. Applications include screens for vents, louvers, spark arrestors, finger guards, baskets, racks, trays, cages, dehydrators and miscellaneous sheet metal fabrications. Pre-galvanized wire mesh is the most economical but is more prone to corrosion because the galvanized surface is burned off where the wires are welded. However, pre-galvanized is more attractive in appearance than hot-dip galvanized.
    Specification Hardware Cloth
Mesh /Inch Wire Dia (mm)  
2Mesh 1.6mm [Order]
4Mesh 1.0mm [Order]
6Mesh 0.80mm [Order]
8Mesh 0.60mm [Order]
10Mesh 0.50mm [Order]
12Mesh 0.50mm [Order]
16Mesh 0.40mm [Order]
20Mesh 0.30mm [Order]
30Mesh 0.23mm [Order]
40Mesh 0.21mm [Order]
50Mesh 0.19mm [Order]
60Mesh 0.15mm [Order]
Brief Info. Of Hardware Cloth:
Width: 0.6M-1.5M
Length: 30M-60M
Packing: moist-proof paper/pallet or loose packing

What is Woven Wire Mesh?
Woven wire mesh is cloth made from wire strands. The wires that make up wire mesh run parallel to the
width of the roll (cross wires) and parallel to the length (line wires). The cross and line wires are interwoven.
That is, the wires cross over and under each other. Wire Mesh can be woven in a number of different styles
depending on the material type, wire diameter, and opening size (see weave styles). Woven wire mesh is
available in rolls, sheets or panels, and cut-to-size.
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