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Filter medium for Disc Filters is multi-layer sintered wire cloth, with a rating range from 0.5 to 200micron, in a diameter from 200mm to 3000mm. Disc filters with multi-layer sintered wire cloth as filter medium, enjoy good strength, accurate filter rating, long life-span and repeatedly cleaning.
Disc filters are ideal filter fittings for three-in-one filtration ( filtering, washing and drying ) in pharmaceutics, food, chemical industries and polymers. Disc filters work as a complete unit or in parts.
Model D(mm) Filter Area R(µm) Filter Media Structure  
DF-600-R 600 0.28M2 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60

Stainless steel multi-layer sintered wire cloth in thickness: 1.7mm

DWG.1 Combined type: Filter sheet and supporting sheet are welded together, then each unit is connected with bolts.

DWG.2 Monoblock type: Filter sheet is connected to supporting sheet with bolts or welded together, then welded with flange.

DWG.3 Monoblock type: Filter sheet is directly sintered with perforated sheet, then welded with flange.

DF-800-R 800 0.50M2 [Order]
DF-1000-R 1000 0.79M2 [Order]
DF-1200-R 1200 1.13M2 [Order]
DF-1600-R 1600 2.01M2 [Order]
DF-1800-R 1800 2.54M2 [Order]
DF-2000-R 2000 3.14M2 [Order]
DF-2300-R 2300 4.15M2 [Order]
DF-2400-R 2400 4.52M2 [Order]
DF-2600-R 2600 5.31M2 [Order]
DF-2750-R 2750 5.94M2 [Order]
DF-2800-R 2800 6.15M2 [Order]
DF-3000-R 3000 7.06M2 [Order]
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