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Decorative pattern products are offered in a wide variety of size, style, materials (mainly metal), and openings. The unique patterns can be created by weaving wire materials together, perforating metal sheets with diversely shaped dies, or even hand-crafting. The decorative patterns have very versatile applications and offer rich aesthetic appeal. They are used in countless places, such as, ceiling panel, partition, facades, sun shades, ventilation cover, infill panels, store fixtures, signage, decorative or ornamental accents, cabinets, wineries, backgrounds, walls, baskets, furniture, etc.    [Order]
Decorative metal patterns are also incombustible, strong and easy to maintain. Realizing the importance of decorative pattern in architecture, we have a specialist with a master degree in civil engineering to cater our customers’ special needs. Coupled with our talented technicians and robust facilities, we are uniquely capable of filling customized orders and have been blessed with satisfied customers. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!
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